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peter parker x reader soulmate au

You must not, and I repeat, must not, tell Eddie it was me who taught the three of you to play in the first place.The three boys agreed very quickly to your condition.Good, you nodded, sattisfied. Okay class, everyone pick up Solution #2 and pour it into the flask when you have completely Task #3, your teacher echoed through your ears as you scribble down the solutions change of state in Task #2. The super amazing artsy-". Of course you werent the only one and the tattoos only meant you had encountered your Soulmate and one of the two of you had done something selfless for the other, not that they were in your life. More often than not, finding yourself staring and silently laughing at the two of them. By the age of thirty, if you hadnt found your soulmate, you were given a grant and told where they were, so you could meet. Peters heart stops dead in his chest, the world stops spinning when Ned finishes speaking. No one else was reacting the way you were; in fact anyone who They were just nonexistent, in your eyes. He says walking in and placing a bag on a table which you assumed had the take-out he planned to get. Um, Peter? You didnt know- and maybe you never would. This is going to be the final part of the series, so thank you to everyone who stuck with my rollercoaster upload schedule! Your notes are really cute, but I swear that somebody will see them and then Ill be super embarrassed. Not your best idea considering it hurt like a bitch, but you were fine with that since you knew your soulmate would feel it too. Y/N, called the teacher, where is Peter today? Ive no idea miss. God, you were going to throw up. She swiftly picked up a marker and started writing a short note back to him, right under his note. Really. Avengers | Tony Stark Peter Parker Steve Rogers . I just wanted to talk to you about something. Peter, I cant be late for this class. You sighed. If only to keep you safe., When Peter finishes rambling there are tears in your eyes. What are you going to do? He questioned. Do you know who it is? His voice getting squeakier as he got more excited. Its so good to see you! Unlike your father, you had a passion for art ever since you could pick up the brush. One they believed was capable of anything and everything. You really shouldnt be sat there you know.. Red, blue, green, yellow, etc; were all unbeknownst colors to you. After all your wishing that Peter was your soulmate, you have a hard time not dismissing this as a dream. +16 more. More than anything you wanted the happy ending everyone always talks about with their soulmate. Yeah, Ill be right back! He answered, heading out thought the door. You hadnt told Peter about your suspicions, but that was because there wasnt exactly much to go on. Happy cute him off before he can finish. It had been three long days since you learned you were the soulmate of Peter Parker, and he was lying to you. What the hell- why would you- oh gross it feels like theres blood in my..in my mouth- and my hand really.. oh my god.., he gasped out, now realizing what this meant. No, I havent even told my parents! You responded. Im still not sure how many parts this will be, but theres room for plenty more yet! Did you hold your stomach and double over? peter, avengers, parker. Then someone mentions the pain tie- the rarest of all the soulmate ties. The two of you walked to your house arm in arm, laughing and chatting. No you answered, not quite honestly. While they carried on putting different things into test tubes and generally making a mess, you couldnt help but be distracted from your work by them. Right in front of you as the last splash of blue on his jumper faded away. Ultimately, you decided to tell him. Suddenly you heard a loud crash; turning on your heels you saw something rather large and freaky looking heading straight for you. PLEASE! Dustin begged.Yeah, please, please, please! Added Mike.You have to! Lucas chimed in.Oh, I have to, do I? You raised your eyebrow at the boy.Oh, erm, I mean, Lucas stumbled over his words, Youre our only hope. He elaborated.Ah! You looked between the three boys, So Im your Obi-Wan.Dustin began to smile, he knew this meant you were in, the other two, however, just stood there nodding frantically.Okay, Ill join, the three boys began to cheer. Summary: Eddie Munson had been dating Dustin Hendersons sibling since long before Dustin joined Hellfire, its not their fault he never saw the signs. The train begins to slow to a stop causing (Y/N) to begin folding her doodling paper up. They went to the same school and they had all the same core classes with her. After Liz left because of him (even if she wasn't his soulmate, he liked her anyway), his patrols as friendly neighborhood Spider-Man became crude, crass. Sorry, sorry, he lowered his voice. Other people have this kind of tie to their soulmates too, it was just rare and it seems like youve got a bad one. The bell rang for lunch. He listened with eager ears and enthusiasm that was so genuine it You and Parker have detention after school today.. Nope. He says placing a hand on your head. As you stare up at Peters apartment building your stomach lurches. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Originally posted by sumerlynxd The bell rang for lunch. Writing notes to your soulmate, [Name]? It was unfortunate, youd bought yourself a delicious looking cinnamon roll and you could barely taste it. After a long moment of studying you something clicks. Letting out a large sigh you place your paint brush down and make your way towards the door and open it to see your father. My Soulmate is Spider-Man you whispered. Spider Man turns around slowly and puts his fingers to his lips indicating for you to be silent. The first day of senior year. You asshole.., you hissed to yourself, hopping out of your seat and dashing out of the caf. For example, if one of them writes a grocery list on their arm, the other will see on the same arm (and spot). Uh- yeah. Y-you dont have to if you dont w-want to. Ned was clearly lying to you about the whereabouts of Peter. What had you done that would cause the Universe to assign you a Soulmate that you would never know the real identity of? Any bruises or cuts they receive appear on your body. Clicking on his contact number the phone begins to dial. Hang on, thats twice today that youve just dropped into our conversation. His lips pursed in a close mouthed smile in your direction as you began continue the lab from yesterday, both of you having butterflies roll around in your stomach for the duration of the period. (Soulmate!AU) In a world where soulmates share wounds and scars, you are born missing your left arm. Soulmate AU where you can't lie to your soulmate. Ned invited me, I was already late to my lesson so- you cut yourself off mis sentence what are you looking for? You asked. Im dating Spider Man.. Its only been three days but knowing you were lying to me for all three has been the worst feeling of my entire life., Peter begins to ramble apologies each one come out before the other ended, turning him into a stuttering mess. You loosen your hold, and he hugs you back, getting over the shock of you not angry with him. There was a loud bang. A/N: Since the last part, a few people who requested to be tagged have changed their URL, Ive done my best to make sure everyone who asked is tagged, but if you are one of the people who changed your URL and you arent on the list, let me know! No, seriously, what is it? He asked again. Peter was up all night stopping petty crimes, one of which involved a man with a gun, and a fist fight after his web slingers stopped working. Complete. Why was your soulmate so fucking careless? Id have to tell you sooner or later.. Wedding Planning (Peter Parker) Authors Note. Now here you were, on your side, laying next to him as you slept. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9. Hey, Peter? You touched his arm. He was unable to hear the three boys stifling their giggles.Dustin, Mike and Lucas took their seats on your right-hand side. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9. You answer then take a bite of your pizza. Y/N has been patiently waiting for years to find her soulmate. If you like this don't forget to check out some of the other . Well, I mean, he chuckled nervously and ran his gloved hand over his head, Its pretty obvious thats what youre doing, this is like the third time Ive saved you now. He sighed, knowing he had made his recovery. I was really excited to write this one! "You've grown up to be an amazing woman, I'm sure he'll fall head over heels for you". I-i just meantthatwellyoure incrediblyuhh Peter begins to ramble in an attempt to save himself. Surely he was too. "It just slipped out of my hand, no biggie". You shrug. Fortunately, the scheme was stopped by Robin and the vigilante known as the Red Hood. In fact, you were planning to avoid him for as long as possible. You look down at your wrist, realizing it went off. You stepped forward, allowing yourself to be wrapped up in his arms as you shared a kiss.Love you. He whispered as you broke the kiss.Love you too.. You contemplated asking your teacher if you could switch partners, but that would raise questions. Its just your family who didnt, and you werent even hiding it! Is everyone okay? You heard an all too familiar voice say. Youd try with all your might, and damn anyone who had the audacity to try you. He asked in a concerted tone. Note: if you think of a good title for this, I'm open for suggestions. Say something, please.. I still love you, she said as she started packing up all of her materials. Thats not even the best part, s- Y/F/N! you cut them off angrily. He says pointing to his tablet. Turns out, they're a lot closer than she could ever imagine. Was it even heard of? I get it, but I just- I said I dont want to talk about it! You shouted as you turned and ran off towards your class, just as the bell rang. Words: 1.2k+ When [Name] first met her soulmate, she was a freshman in high school. Come in. May gives you a hug before leading you inside. They were always home and always saw her Mom or his Aunt May, so they got time to just kick back and chill alone- provided Spidey wasnt needed. He wanted to let you say whatever it was you had to say, even though he was sure he didnt want to hear it. You stretched your neck, the chair almost tipping sideways so you could be able to look. As you climbed into the car, Dustin began quizzing you about the school. He wasnt popular but he was insanely smart. Your soulmate, was in New York, right here- standing right in front of your face? Warning: Slight Spider-Man: Homecoming Spoilers ahead. I wanted those two lives to be separate. Their friends had finally made their way back to Queens. More robberies came about, the greediest of criminals surfacing to get that one big TV or to steal from that one rich family almost everyone envied. One that he no doubt was not going to pay attention to.You watched Eddie walk away and began to wonder what kind of madness he would come up with for your brother and his friends. Your timer says otherwise. Sorry Sir! You shouted, slowing down to a hasty walk. Looking him up and down you noticed that the end of string connected to him. People walking by had jumped at the sound you made and you held yourself tighter, trying to make your body smaller so youd go unseen. Your heard your father say as you walk into the living room. I lose track of things, esp my taglist ;-; Also- I swear I love you guys <3. "My soulmateis here?" Frozen with fear, you stood there, watching as it got closer and closer. He lacked the will to say no to you. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9. No civilians were kidnapped or injured at the scene, but the gang leader was left in serious critical condition: A dislocated shoulder, broken wrist, busted kneecap, and several minor inj. updated jan 30 2022 - suggestive / - personal favorite / - soulmate au / - mostly angst / - mostly fluff / - super hero or super powered reader. Sooner or later? Leaving them to it, you smiled and walked back to the cafeteria, grateful that your brother and boyfriend were getting along as well as you had known they would. So whats this experiment you guys are doing anyway? You asked, setting up your books on the next desk over. What on earth was going on? There was no way you could let Peter know about the tattoo, hed had a huge crush on you since Junior year. What the hell happened to you? This wasnt his room- he was sure of- oh. You let out a shrill cry of pain, feeling something slam into your leg and you swore it felt like it had to have broken in two if it wasnt at the very least fractured. I need to get caught in the middle of a situation where Spider-Man can save me again., Series tags: @fanboyswhereare-you @farfromjustordinary @brazilian-unicorn @terrible-terrible-blog @1dforeverandalwaysfan @heyyyyitsanie @tmrhollandkay @millies-art-blog @shakespeare-and-shenanigans @t-hollandd @tater-totts-hp @spidey-pal. Just doing my job! He assured you before turning to leave. Your best friend, who was also your long-time crush, was not only Spider-Man but your soulmate. Warnings: Cursing, more angst, mentions of pain etc. Thanks Ned. It was 4 am and your friend was still fast asleep. Your timer says otherwise. At around 11:30, you were both so tired that it had been decided you were heading to bed early. You called?, an unfamiliar voice asked- though it sounded like they were having trouble speaking. You couldnt even imagine how beautiful his entire being would be with the entire color spectrum spread without his-. Hey, you two Called the cashier, with a smile. It was an No freaking way! I understand if you want t-to keep your identity a secret. You blush, embarrassed with how much you stammered around your favorite hero. You had no clue as to what your coloring on your own body was, let alone anyone elses. Then the laughter died once the door flew open. And the two had no intention of stopping anytime soon either. A/N: So this blog recently reached 1000 followers!! Who are you? You asked in a hushed voice. Some people have tattoos, others have counters or red strings. Happy and Mr. Parker, Mr. Stark is expecting you". "Mr. Stark sorry I'm late i-". What the fuck was he doing? Its more of a romantic angsty clich fluff piece. Your foot was practically screaming at you, throbbing awfully inside of your shoe. Sure, you cared for himbut how could anyone stay with a person they dont even trust? Oh god- he was your soulmate? Once you had both finished, you ordered your Pizza. But, you couldnt bring yourself to believe their nice compliments, due to the fact you couldnt trust the society around without seeing it truthfully. Soulmate AU Fic Recs. Series tags: @fanboyswhereare-you @farfromjustordinary @brazilian-unicorn @terrible-terrible-blog @1dforeverandalwaysfan @heyyyyitsanie @tmrhollandkay@millies-art-blog @shakespeare-and-shenanigans @t-hollandd@tater-totts-hp @spidey-pal @terrainhead @star-incandescentdeni-gonzalez @courtneychicken @crankynewtkaramelblobber @melodythesaltshaker@mynicknameisroses@butteryoptimisticpeanut @lemirabitur - sorry if i have missed anyone out, I forgot to update my list!! All he wanted to do was pull up his shirt sleeve, reveal his tattoo and say because I wont always be able to protect you. Instead, his mouth was ajar and he has lost his power of speech. If you see Peter tell him if he doesnt try to reach back out to me by the end of today..were done.. Ive got it! You continued to yourself. Before their date, [Name] was looking for the perfect outfit to wear. Ive finished and uploaded part 2! A/N: Hallelujah, Its been a while but I am finally happy with this part! Did that kind of thing even happen? But really, Peter lets out a small nervous chuckle. Uh, try his phone? This is very unlike him, she began to make her way over so that the two of you could talk a little more privately. Tattoos, timers, and red strings were the most popular, but they werent the only ones. It wasnt something you could pinpoint, however. Nature, it's a beautiful thing, at least that's what Alexia thinks. You had found the perfect spot, the workers couldnt see you from where they were, which meant they couldnt tell you to get out of the way. Was it the Stark Internship?. Safe - Peter Parker x Reader (Soulmate AU - Part 2), Safe - Peter Parker x Reader (Soulmate AU - Part 8), Safe - Peter Parker x Reader (Soulmate AU - Part 7), Safe - Peter Parker x Reader (Soulmate AU - Part 6), Safe - Peter Parker x Reader (Soulmate AU - Part 4), Safe - Peter Parker x Reader (Soulmate AU - Part 3), Safe - Peter Parker x Reader (Soulmate AU - Part 1), Safe - Peter Parker x Reader (Soulmate AU - Part 5), Safe - Peter Parker x Reader (Soulmate AU - Part 9), Initiation - Eddie Munson x (GN) Henderson! over one shoulder. Do you think I could wait in his room till he comes home?, Of course, (Y/N), wait as long youd like.. Says the guy in fancy dress? You retorted. Had he really just done that? Shh, keep your voice down. He whispered. Nothing new really.. except, you paused, thinking about Ned not being very good at keeping secrets. "Your my". Peter? Peter? You whispered. dont play? You werent sure if that was a question or a statement. Peter glances at her and smiles. You werent really paying any attention to the conversation happening around you, instead you were quite obviously distracted. My. You grabbed the second solution and set in the holder before your mind wandered with a certain thought. With his hands still covered, it tickles you a bit, but you ignore it. Im your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man! He beamed before shooting off. I love that you have so much faith in me. He pulled you by the arm towards him and kissed your forehead, then your lips, then your lips again. You made your way over to the bench where the two of you would usually sit while the rest of the students made their way into the classroom. Believe what? chimed in the familiar voice of your friend Peter Parker. Sometimes he started up right as school let out, sometimes nothing would happen until night- and other times hed be getting hurt at the most random times during the school day. He lacked the emotional and mental strength to make himself say he didnt love you enough to stay. (Y/N) winces in pain but doesnt want to say anything and cause this adorable boy to leave her lap. Since you had a free last period, you decided to head home early and study in the comfort of your bedroom. 77 parts. You couldnt go out looking like youd been in a cage fight! But you couldnt calm Pairing: Peter Parker x Female!Reader [Female pronouns are used but not much], Warnings: Cursing, Mentions of Pain [and Satans Waterfall] etc. LunarSi, Moose55, HayleySeto, Thepracticalheartmom, trapdoor_AU, ScoobyDoo1, Mythogeek, mightydrarry, . It was Peter Parker youre soulmate. It was a Monday afternoon, your eyelids drooped as you made your way into 6th period, setting your backpack down next to the lab table. Sighing and turning towards the steps, you heard sirens from the police cars which were fast approaching and heading in the same direction as Spider-Man. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9. The metallic taste stuck to the roof of his dry mouth and made him cringe a little. Take that, asshole., you thought to yourself. Aside from family troubles that weren't necessarily uncommon, you were the average secondary school student-that was until you met Tom. His voice flew from your mind as you took in what he just said. Which it had done, for now. Shock changes to anger in an instant when you realize it meant someones been keeping this secret for months. He replies. You bought a packet of Hershey's Kisses on your As you drove back towards the school, you couldnt help but think about the look on Eddies face when he discovered that you had been keeping this secret from him for as long as you had known him. In a good way, of course. Still in shock, he just stood there as you walked away. Early | soulmate!peter parker x reader. Okay, well then, in that case she stood up straight and made her way to the from to the classroom to start the lesson. After-all, you couldnt help but feel his heart was in the right place. The two of you went back to your house, it was a Friday which meant the usual ritual of a sleepover lasting the whole weekend was about to commence. God.. The two of you were in here so often and you would always buy the same things. decide which opinion you fell under since you were still incredibly young and As far as you could tell, today was just another ordinary day. I mean how, how do you know?, He saved my life, thats when the tattoo appeared. Your eyes scanned Peters face. Despite the number of times you had told him it was just a stupid, awful nickname and reassured him he isnt actually a freak, part of him couldnt get over the fact that they might be right and once you figured that out, he would lose you for good.Mr Munson, the teacher called, grabbing the attention of you both, can we please open our textbooks? Eddie quickly found he was the only person without an open book on his desk and he began rummaging around. Suddenly, a knock on your window diverts your attention. It gave me feels. Maybe if you did this fast enough, you could still look at pictures of Peter, you reason. So out of instinct, you followed him. Why? Don't like, don't read. # 4. A man could only get mugged so many times before it became suspicious. Now, imagine you thinking that that would be your life. in order to save your friends life, though, you have to reveal your identity, all I ask -even a criminal like you has always looked forward to meeting your soulmate and feeling the click everyone talks about - but even when its with the boy you always wanted it to be with, there are still barriers in your way. I dont even know if I believe in this shit, but I got my Soulmate mark. You looked down at the table. Thirty Five. Seriously, when I wrote the first part to this, I had no idea it would lead here or become so well liked! Eddie followed suit, before stepping around the vehicle and stopping in front of you. She got even more excited than she already was when she looked down at her arm and saw a note from the one and only, Peter Parker. She ended up picking out a pair of black slacks and a nice white blouse. grey. Although.. they did seem to fade away quickly now that you-. I love you so much and I want our little notes to continue, its just that. Slight betrayal. The idea caused your cheeks to flush at the thought of having Peter that close to you. Looking around As the school bell rings you begin your search for Peter. Who gets injured every night? Im- Im good., you reassured as you shakily stood up, mentally cursing your soulmate for embarrassing you for the second time today. This time he took your hand in his. If you are emotional dying because of @peterbenjiparker's series Invisible Strings (Read this to have your heart broken then mended, then broken again, one chapter at a time! I know what I want. Your friend practically skipped into the store. Opening your eyes, he was standing across from you. I know what you meant Peter. (Y/N) smiles at him to save the poor boy from making an even bigger fool of himself. With a shaky sigh, he let his eyes flutter open, taking in his surroundings. He looked like hell. She had grown up in a family who found their soulmates relatively early in life, so by the time she was twelve, most of her cousins and relatives had their soulmates. Whatever, you reply as you picked up your lunch tray and headed off to find a table. Unlocking your phone you scroll through your contacts and click on Peters; then, you click on the address connected to his contact and begin to follow the directions to his house. Peter had been acting a little strange recently, stranger than usual anyway and you were determined to get to the bottom of it. One restart, after that, lie to me again and were done. Peter nods quickly. Oh yeah? You responded. bothered to pay attention looked concerned and scarpered. It felt like your ribs were being slammed into something and the pain was unbearable. Its not like you were trying to hide your relationship, in fact, chances are pretty much the whole school knew by now. Hey, what.. what are you doing here? He sounded panicked as he frantically looked around for something. Peter stumbles over his own words still trying to prosess what just happened. Unlike Peter, who had always made his feelings quite clear. A/N: I dont know shit about helping patch someone up. Your soulmate is constantly getting injured and its driving you insane! "(Name)? Why wouldnt you want to tell me that?. Turning the corner and breaking back into a sprint, you ran straight into Ned and dropped the textbooks which you hadnt managed to fit into your bag.

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